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Welcome to Examian. Nigeria’s No.1 online Students’ Exams Prep Partner

At Examian, we believe success has a roadmap and that is also applicable to every student preparing for external and internal examinations. Our Vision is to transform exam prep by providing lead edge digital solution to everyone irrespective of location while our Mission is to provide an affordable, inclusive and effective digital prep solution to everyone across locations. We are therefore committed to help every student excel in their exam. And we will continue to drive excellent result via convergence of learning, ecosystem while leveraging on technology and subject matter expertise. Essentially, we help students master the tested prep value chain model.

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Subject matter Experts

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Standard Prep Exams

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Performance Analytics

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Why chose us

We do not stop at offering standard mock exams and instant results, we help students do better with our analytics which offer data driven useful feedback for the students to do better in the real exam if such students can avail to the analytic report.

Research, Data, Planning and Publications

External and internal examinations are going digital globally and JAMB has set the pace locally. Our commitment is to bridge this gap with aligned digital prep solution either for a CBT exam or manual exams. Therefore, Examian deploys, data science, AI, machine learning and other digital skills to drive result and make our subscribers achieve success at the speed of thought. This helps to discern specific learning challenge relating to topics in curricular or syllabi of featured exams culminating in our dynamic score analytics that help each subscriber gain mastery and confidence towards each internal and external exam. Interestingly, this is yielding result as we discovered more talents among our SMEs and other third party content providers. One example is a published work –Evaluation Physics which specifically address learning gap in Physics Exams targeted at candidates of UTME, SSCE and other tertiary entrance exams like School of nursing among others. Besides Examian develop sectoral report for schools and teachers to help deliver better learning experience in class.

Standard Prep Exams

Covering almost all major subjects for each cadre, Examian offers standard Prep Exams to help students assess the preparation. This is different from practising past questions of such exams. Rather, it is a mock-exam that is driven by most current syllabi as set and vetted by subject matter experts across board. Whether with a virtual or physical invigilation upgrade, the mock exam is not only accessible conveniently across computing devices but result is released in real time. This is value adding for all stakeholders including the students, schools and parent/guardians.

Certified Subject Matter Experts

At Examian, we are motivated by SDGs 4 and 9 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all; Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation), we are committed to transforming exam prep by providing lead edge digital solution to everyone irrespective of location. This is only possible if our focus remains the students and all that will help create enabling environment and experience. And key to this is involvement of high performing and tested subject matter experts for each exam subjects (qualified, certified and experience teachers). We engaged and integrate them as our partners as our objective is also to ensure that we transform the income security stories of these teachers across locations. While we currently have pools of hundreds of these SMEs trained in modern models of analytics , we hope to engage up to 3000 in the next 5 years.

Top Notch Expert Success Coach

Apart from engaging high level and global class subject matter experts on all featured subjects for specific and targeted examination, Examian has highly sought-after Students Success Coach that helps students gain clarity of their goals and objectives while helping to discover the motivational grit for sustainable success.

Examian Gives 50,000 Free Access In A Covid-19 Support Programme

Over 50,000 students to access Examian (digital exam prep tools) during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria. The global impact and local reality of Covid-19 has been quite devastating as increasing lock down continued to affect us all. At Examian, our grit for digital education offerings has continued to fortify and guide us as we confront this difficult challenge of responding to the corona virus (COVID-19).

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