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Leading Examian Subjects

While the subject scope in each of the major exam is wide, Examian strives to cover the core required to cover both the basic, senior and matriculation exams. Spanning through sciences, social sciences, arts and commercial, we currently cover over 3200 topics across the 4 major external exams in Nigeria and other English speaking West African countries. Essentially, we care for the core subject needs of all students seeking to excel in their internal and external exams.

Top Notch Expert Success Coach

Apart from engaging high level and global class subject matter experts on all featured subjects for specific and targeted examination, Examian has highly sought-after Students Success Coach that helps students gain clarity of their goals and objectives while helping to discover the motivational grit for sustainable success.

Examian Gives 50,000 Free Access In A Covid-19 Support Programme

Over 50,000 students to access Examian (digital exam prep tools) during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria. The global impact and local reality of Covid-19 has been quite devastating as increasing lock down continued to affect us all. At Examian, our grit for digital education offerings has continued to fortify and guide us as we confront this difficult challenge of responding to the corona virus (COVID-19).